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Thursday, 23 January 2020

KABFA, KABFA Designs January 18th 2020 planning on tidying the garden part one

KABFA, KABFA Designs Reward chart idea

5 December 2019

KABFA, KABFA Designs Febaruary 2020 Companion Planting

Febaruary 2020 Planting out is what I will start looking at doing especially in the February break that way I can my little ones more involved with gardening and teaching them about what to plant and when.

This year I have brought 30 pots to plant up and will look at companion planting too.

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

KABFA, KABFA Designs Learning Computer Added Design is a MUST for me in 2020. KABFA/DESIGNS.

Learning Computer Added Design is a MUST for me in 2020. KABFA/DESIGNS.

This now that it is 2020I am really trying to just “Bite the Bullet” and set up my own business.

So yesterday I went to the Printwear and Promotion Show at the NEC.

The moment that I arrived there it felt like home.

For year their have been a number of things that I have wanted to achieve and do with my life the main one to be self employed or freelances.
For this I even did business studies at school and set about want to become a works renowned travel journalist, who got to wrote about exotic destinations, undiscovered place, meet famous people and try something new year day of the week.
But then reality hot me and my dyslexia was to server so that I would be unable to achieve that dream.

The same with Marine and Freshwater Biology I just was never able to make the grade, pass the basic Key Skill Test requirements, 

I was way 3 mark off a Pass, Merit or a Distinction.

At times I even knew more about endangered animals than the staff, writing about an animal they had even heard of and writing in big letters.



This really hurt and instead of appealing I just quit.
Quitting for my became a habit for so long, I was a afraid.
Afraid to feel anything other than fear, the “Dreamer in Me” died.

For year now I have been lost, looking for that one thing that could possible save me and bring me home.
I still write but only for myself, I no long live my life but just exist.

For years I was advised to learn CAD Computer Added Design 

which was form thing that I learned a little of at school, but been 

then I was told that my business idea to design clothing for the 

disabled especially bags was waste of time.

Yet I have always loved my business names that I invented for my dream jobs.

KABFA/Designs being the main one.

So I am going to go back to KABFA.I am going to start again.

So that everyone by 2030 knows who KABFA are and what I do.

Friday, 3 January 2020

KABFA, KABFA Designs Back to the drawing board 2020

Back to the drawing broad. 2020.

Now that we have reached 2020 I need to look at where I am aiming to be in the next few months. When you are at school you are asked where do you see yourself in the next 5 years which is a long way a way when you are 15.

But add 20year to that and you find that you are still living hand to mouth and relying on the bank of mum and dad if you are lucky to still have parents then you really need to look at where you need to be and how you are going to get there.

Unfortunately we still live in a society where women are second rate when it comes to job opportunities and equal pay. With men it is the pressure to succeed and are not given the same equal opportunities when it comes to things like being rehoused if they become homeless.

So where do I go from here?

First things first I need to find how much do I need per month to live on and what financial aid I am be able to claim.

Then I need to look at when I can work around my children so that I can work the same amount of hours per week.

Managing my work load will also help me to so that I can plan and mange my time more effectively.

So by the time my youngest is 2 years old I can hopefully start working full time again.

Thursday, 2 January 2020

KABFA, KABFA Designs Not on the high street 2020

Not on the high street

one thing that I loved to do with my mum when I was little girl was go shopping.

I miss that.

I miss window shopping too where all if the shop widows would be dressed up with the latest product that the shops have to offer.

Now when you hit the hight street all you see are sale/discount stickers on the windows, closing down adverts or charity shops.

Sadly the high street is not the one that I remember from my childhood dream but now one that I today rarely visit and dread to take my children.

In part I am guilty of this due to taking to my online shopping choices then to brave the elements and stand in lines. to pay or self checkout If the internet had away of enabling you to smell bread when you buy it then no one would every leave home.

Yet I miss it and would have loved to have had a high street shop because without using all of your 5 senses you are only really using your eyes to buy anything.

Yes it is true that we shop with our eyes, but when it come to buying any thing it pays to able able to use all five senses when doing so.

When buying on line you so not always get the right product or services and at times end up keeping the item because or the hassle of sending it back or complaining, but if you have brought it direct. You may not have brought it at all.

When I go shopping of clothes I love to try them on, to touch the fabric and make sure that the sticking is good quality and the print too.

Yet I still do a lot of my shopping on line now especially when I know what I am buying and it is the same items every week.

Yet when it comes to wanting to buy something different and gifts for friends, family and love one I like to look for something new and outside the box.

So I like places that offer this on the high street and on line.

I love charity shops you never now what you might find and I like online stores like “Studio”
“Not on the high street.”

Or when it comes to taking photos and personalising them of loved ones the list of online photo business is endless

It is the same when I look for jewellery I would love to have an item custom made and personalized. Some thing like this is more of a skill and a specialized trade one that we are losing. This is mainly due to items being mass-produced.

KABFA, KABFA Designs Confessions of a Shopaholic 2020

Confessions of a Shopaholic 2020

in 2009 the film “Confessions of a shopaholic” came out which is a film adaptation of the Shopaholic Book Series by Sophie Kinsella

But how many people watched the film or read the book and took a leaf from the story line and STOPPED using store cards, taking out loans, buying on HP instead of living with in your financial means?

So maybe this year is the year that you look at doing so.

Many people at this time of year always buy or get brought the same things that can help you to live more frugally and to achieve that one thing that you would like to buy or pay for in the near future.

Some people would have been given a diary, (if not you could get one in the January sales or have an online one.) you have probably even been given a self help book too.

So why not spend a few minuets thinking about.

What is it really want?

What is it that you really need?

What is it that you really desire?

On my blog you can down load a budget c=sheet to help you plan your first or several months budget to help reach that goal.

Set a time frame and pin it on the wall or fridge somewhere that you can see it every day to motivate you.

If it is something like a holiday then think about like rewards that you can buy to motivate yourself too like a new swimming outfit.

If it is to buy a new outfit, car or save for a house then again put up a picture.

Every month take a few minuets to check where you are with your goal and where you are going to keep your money too.

Are you going to keep it in a tin in the house or open a new saving account with your bank? The best way to not spend the money that you are looking at saving I find is to out it some where else and keep it separate your every day, weekly and monthly spending.

So cut up those store cards, try to lower your over draft or get an account without one. Try to set up any payment plans to settle any old or out standing debts.

(use epically certified sites to support you like debt line, CAB or GovUK website.)

Start small and dream big.


2nd January 2020 “Strike while the Iron is HOT”! Possible funding available for small business in the UK.

Last year I try to support a small local business to apply for funding but they has little or no success. So we will go back to the drawing board and try again.

When applying for funding it is a rally pain in the back side. Te Government advertise these things but get like trying to claim for anything you have to make sue that you “dot the i’s and cross the T's.”

You have to make sue that you business plan it water tight and clean, clear and easy to follow that a 5 year old could run your business.

When I was at school I had to do an activity called “How to make a cup of tea?” “How to make toast?” “hoe to boil and egg.”

You business plan needs to be like this.

So I have posted the link below and wish you luck and a happy new year for 2020.


Wednesday, 1 January 2020

KABFA, KABFA Designs Make Do and Mend 2020

Make Do and Mend in 2020.

Now that we are in 2020 I think that it is time to STOP and THINK and learn to “Make do and Mend.”

For years even in my own childhood we seam to have become a culture and society of

Use once and throw away.”
If it breaks buy a new one.”
It is cheep to buy a new one than to fix the old.”
I have not got time.”

These are thing that I have heard my children say time and time again and they have not even reached their teens. Already my children are being influenced by the media and how easy it seams to replay things, things that can not be replayed so easy are the things that we need.

When we think about the things that we need we think of things like.

Not always in that order.

We do not seam to think about things like.

Global Warming
The Ozone Layer
Fossil Fuels
Animal/Plant Welfare
Human Rights
Health and Well-being
The Economy

Which are also important things to think about too.

Now that we have reached 2020. it seams that we are now come full circle when we start thinking about our lifestyle and how we live our lives and teat the world that we live in.

A lot of this is to do with the media and how the media influences us on a daily bases.

Yet the one thing that I think people tend to for get is the number 1.

When I say the number 1 I mean you, you and who you choose to live your life and how your life lives you.

Every one hows the saying do you “live to work?” to “Work to live?”

This is only something that you know and about how you chose or try to live your life.

It is easy to think about other things in life when your own personal life is how you chose to live it. Whoever went it comes to living some times it feels like that is all that you are trying to do.


So what can you do?

I always think about Alice in Wonderland when she says. “I always try to achieve 6 impossible things before breakfast.”

By Lewis Carroll.

Now the things that Alice try to achieve are strange and rally make no sense at already like “Why is a Raven like a writing desk?”

Now if you look at the 6 impossible things more closely could you apply any of them to your every day life?

1. There's a potion that can make you shrink.
2. And
a cake that can make you grow.
3. Animals can talk.
Cats can disappear.
5. There is a place called
6. I can slay
the Jabberwocky.

Now I would not want any one to think or 6 impossible things that that could do before breakfast but 1. 1 thing that you may be able to do every day.

Now everyone makes New Years Resolutions, BUT who sticks to the?

Some of use also focus on Lent and chose those 40 days and 40 nights to try and make a difference to our lives or give up something.

At lost of people seam to go though what I would like to call FADS or are they really “Life Style Changes.” Do they really make a difference to our own personal lives or other peoples?

One thing that a lot of people have been fortuning on is the “War in plastic” in 2019, by not using single use plastic items.

Will you continue to do this in 2020 and what else will you try?

The other thing is that people have become more paperless and are more dependent on receiving things using IT which means more online date is required and internet speed with 5G planed for 2020 in most places.

Question are we not just trying to reinvent the wheel and in time will we go back to pen and ink when the world can no only support IT or provided us with what we need to life our ever increasing “Buy now worry later.” Life styles?

When we buy any new technology what effect dose a new mobile phone, Laptop or IPAD…. Have no our health and the world health?

One major worry is the worry to our health with regards to poor eyesight due to blue screens and causing cancer and other long life health problems?

So what is this currently add to my blog all about?

What do I mean buy “Make do and mend.”

What I mean is that maybe it is time to STOP and think! Before we go out and start buying the latest FAD until really need something. Also that it might be time to learn a new skill or should I say an old one.

With so many skills being lost include the ability to read and write due to IT and the ability to buy almost any thing. Then maybe it is time to learn something new that could help you in the future and become independent.

I am not talking about things like learning a new language, which is a possibly I am talking about the basics like.

Life skill.
Learning to budget
Basic reading and writing.
Basic Cooking Skills
Learning to sew
Learning to Knit or Croquet
The art of conversation and basic manors

I feel that at time that some of the basic things in makes use human are lost like being able to communicate with each other without technology to do so even with our own children.

Now that it is 2020 a lot of educational establishments will be sending out information about up and come course that they will be running some of these may be free to attend so it might be worth looking at what is on offer and possible attending if you have the spare time to do so.

Another way is to use the public library and read and book to learn something new.

You could also obtain sometime online and possible use how to advice or you tube to help you and learning too.

Make Do and Mend” in 2020.

Apart from my blogs I also have a few Facebook pages and groups that I manage that I try to post to with local training and information.

I have include the links below that may interest you.

So why not today think of one Possible thing that you could do in 2020 to “Make Do and Mend” in you life of 2020.