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Charity of the Month

Charity of the Month
The Royal British Legion Charity of the Month

Friday, 17 September 2021

Daily Routine To Fight Off Depression

Charity of the month

Charity of the month, is month we are going to leave it down to our followers what charity they may or may not want to donate to.

Over the years we have aimed to pick a different local charity that we advertise on our blog and also nationwide and worldwide  when possible.

Over the past years a lot of local charities in your home town have closed; those that are nation wide and world wide have also struggled.

What we found is a lot of them now do not just rely on foot fall, they also have their own online shops, use social media and companies like eBay and Amazon.

So when you have time to think about supporting the wider community where you live or even people national and oversea please consider to take the time to support a charity.

This could be done in a number of ways, thinks like donating unwanted items, making gifts they could sell, buying items, raising money, volunteering your time.

One thing that we do is try to research the charity to make sure they are register and to find out where the money they receive is used for. This information should be accessible or be able to be obtained upon request.

Thank you.

GovUK Information

Managing Charity Finances

How to complain about a Charity.

Other information 

How Charities work?

How are Charities Regulated

How Much Do Charities Actually Spend On Good Causes?


eBay Charity Shop Link(s),campaigns%20and%20make%20a%20contribution%20with%20every%20purchase.

Thursday, 16 September 2021

September 2021 Budgeting for the rest of 2021

 September 2021 Budgeting for the rest of 2021

Right ok lets go.

The first thing that I have added or made sure works is the link to making a budgeting plan.

I know it may seam like the most easiest thing to do, yet it is something myself I personal struggle with.  

with the changes that we are all like to face over the next few months it would not hurt to think about completing one and keeping on on file.

Most of time when I do this it is an estimated figures that I use.  The fist time you do this task can be quite time consuming and taxing.  Yet it can help and it also means that if you are asked for one in the future you already have on on file. 

On the blog there will be an icon to click on I will check to make sure it works, it should also go to a secure sight.*

*Not all links go to what is called a secure sight so make sure you ani-virus  is up to date on your device you are using.

If you any any questions then please contact me.

If you are wanting to find your on budget plans template or information there are a lot of useful details on line now, also at your local library and Citizens Advice Centre.*

*Please note that a lot of line support now days wants you to fill in an on line form.  I personal would rather keep a paper copy.

September 2021 Updating My Blog

 September 2021 Updating My Blog

Right before I move forward I am going to update my blog and make sure that all of the links work and are up to date.

I will also check my pages and posts to make sure that they are all working, up to date and interlink if possible.

Nature and Mental Health - Mental Health Foundation #MentalHealthAwarene...

September 2021 Mental Health "It's Time To Talk"

 Again in the new this week and also on "loose Women" Mental Health, The NSH, GP appointments and operations have been in the new.

Personal the main issues that people are not realizing is money.  We have all now been informed about this new NI Tax that will be coming in 2022.

Yet accessing any medical services is a "post code lottery."

This is why I believe that more information needs to be made public so that people can make the choices that are necessary for their own personal heath and wellbeing; to the best of their abilities.

This information may already be available I do not know, a bit like an Ofsted report for a school.

I know that some property websites can give information about what the area that you are looking to live in can offer, like schools, shops, entertainment, crime rate, I am not sure if they offer NHS service and maybe this is something that should be looked into.

The things we need to try and do for our selves are looking  at 

Births, Marriages  and Death.

Divorce, Dementia, Death

School, collage, University 

Money, savings, loans, Taxes

Health and Wealth

Employment options

Benefit options

Support Services

I have listed then like this and will look at covering them in my blog(s)

Please feel free to comment or request more information.

Also link on the link(s) that I have listed to they may help.

Remember, research is the key, ask for help and do not be afraid to except it.

Stay safe.

Wednesday, 15 September 2021

How to use a Slow cooker to make works of art.

 One of the things that I have been doing with one of my old slow cookers is melting Badyble wax.  I have been doing this to make my own home made fire lighters, scented pine cones, home made candles and scented wax melt. 

Tuesday, 14 September 2021

If You Always Wake Up Between 3 - 5AM, Here's Why

September 2021 What Now?

 What will the rest of 2021 have in store for everyone?

With Covid still on the rise, was have a vaccine really just a smoke screen when the elephant was still in the room? 


Just like with any war that effect human life and the economy, it goes to think that every country had its onw figure on the cost of human life.  how may could each country afford to let die, how much money could they afford to lose and then make once the cost of a human life was met??

Now I live in the UK so I can only really speak about what was ultimately lost and achieved over the last two years and most of this from my own personal experience and what I have seen and heard.

So I ask myself why?

What have we learned?

What have we gained?

What have we achieved?

I believe that the answers to these questions are [personal ones that we can only ask and answer yourselves.

For me not much changed over this time frame to date and I guess the one thing that I learned it that things I not likely to in the near future either.

Yet this experience would have been different for everyone om a personal level and how we take on board what we may or may not have learned will determine the future,

So for me, my plant for the rest of this year is to live and live each day like it could be my last.

To say I Love You  and try not to end the day on an argument.

Also if possible to try and save a at lest 3 months rent just in case we have another  lockdown.