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Charity of the Month
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Saturday, 27 April 2019

"Wear Purple and a Red Hat" Ladies Tea and Chat Poetry, Book and Art Group

Warning, a poem by Jenny Joseph, I have always loved. I heard about the Red Hat Society when on the train once. So now I am setting up my own Ladies group in the Midlands, so that women can meet up once a month. Each month..

I have added the links to other Facebook pages and groups that you may find interesting and may wish to follow or join.

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Fans of Travel Books, Books and Good Read Books

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Thursday, 25 April 2019

"When it is nort Lemons?"

When it is not Lemons?”

People say “we are what we eat.” but how can this be “when it is not lemons?”

One of the things that I started to do last year was reading the packaging of what I buy, this made me look at where I buy things from and how much I spend.

For my main shopping I have been using Tescos on line and have signed up to a fixed monthly delivery service that means that I can have a delivery 3 days per week every month providing I speand £40.00 per delivery.

This year I will shop around and see if I can cut my spending and only buy “lemons” and not be Sold a “LEMON.”

So last year I started looking at items and tried to STOP but=ting any thing with Palm Oil in, MSG and Artificial Sweeteners.

I am all for sugar and do not feel comfortable with eating a Chemistry set every meal so the more basic the ingredeance the better. (personal chose)

So back to the Lemons, I hate it when something claims to have Lemons in but then it says on the packaging, lemon flavouring, lemon essence.

I can not stand in the super market all day reading packaging so I do it at home when the boys are a sleep. I also look at who things are packaged to try and reduce the amount of products that I buy that have load of packaging that they do not need.

This year I aim to cook more at hoe form fresh so in January 2019 I will do my first shop of the year and by December 2019 I aim to reduce the amount of LEMONS I buy, sugar, Palm oil, MSG Artificial Sugar and packaging I use.

So the amount I will be spend on my Shop is…

Thursday, 18 April 2019

Happy Easter 2019

Happy Easter 2019

Over the Easter Holidays we are updating or blog and adding new information for our followers.  Please do not forget to subscribe via email for get up dates.

Happy Easter.

K & L Swan Handmade Gift Baskets

Monday, 8 April 2019

99% Vegan 99% Eco-friendly

One thing that I will aim to do us to make sure that any products or services that Kabfa offer are 99% Vegan and 99% Eco-friendly.

Kabfa is looking at reducing its carobon foot print, by reduce, reuse and recycling any unwanted products and packaging.

By starting off a small in the Midlands and then expanding into the Europe and then going global

BY using and working in partnership with local services, bussiness and buying local/UK products first

Kabfa is mainly an art based bussiness that is looking at working with and providing services and products for artists within the Midlands.

Kabfa is looking at using and selling vegan art materials where ever possible and vegan cleaning products and materials too.

Kabfa are looking at vegan paint, vegan make up, vegan cleaning products, vegan clothing and alternative clothing materials.

This also includes vegan health care products and services.

With everyone looking at the future and thinking about not just or children but it childrens children future.  I find that Kabfa ate asking our selves  "What little changes can we make to day to improve life for tomarrow?"

Kabfa are looking at a number of ways that we can achieve this and this is why we are starting small and hope in time that the small changes that we make will help to improve the lives of not just your childrens children. But our childrens children and our own.

Kabfa what this to start to day!


Thank you.