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Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Alice in Wonderland Down the Rabbit hole. By Lewis Carroll


Alice in Wonderland Down the Rabbit hole. By Lewis Carroll

Chapter I: Down the Rabbit-Hole -

it is the 24th May 2021 and once again I have had a fight with my ex. It always seam that when people fight they always seam to fight about about the same things.

Death and Taxes

Family and Friends

Property and money

Where should we go on holiday this year? Should we take the kids? Should we kennel the dog? Should we get some to house sit?

Over the last almost two years the world that we once knew is no more.

Ever since I was young I have wanted to be self-employed and run my own business I am now almost 40 and I should may be look at making a B-movie or sitcom of how many times I have failed.

Also I know is that I can not take one more shitty course on how to become self employed where some mild-aged person stands in front of a slid show.

Showing you that if you do A, B, C then you will get to D and be a millionaire with in three years.

So what do I do?

All I know it that I have had 101 and Jobs since leaving high school and now I am a full time mother to three child.

Who love to say “I hate you mum!”

So what so I do?

How do I move forward with out having to take 10 steps back and going down the “Rabbit Hole” like am “Alice in Wonderland.?” By Lewis Carroll alice in wonderland - Bing