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Tuesday, 22 October 2019

KABFA, KABFA Designs KABFA October 2019

It is all most November 2019 and an end to an other year.  My little one will finally become one and once again I will be looking at going back to work and setting up my own business again.

I am aiming to become self employed by April 2020 or April 2021 so that I am at the beginning of the financial tax Year.

But for me the main sticking point is money so that I can set up my business and provide for my little ones at the same time.

Being on rented accommodation is my main sticking point because I am unable to work from home and therefore I need to look at renting a business property.

Although I am mainly looking at an online front to my business I still need a business address and I have been struggling to find a business address that I would be able to use that would Benefit me.

One thing that I currently can not afford to do is invest money into stock and to paid for storage too.

So I am looking for a business property that may be able to include accommodation too.

So that is my aim for the next 6 months and work on my portfolio too.

One thing that I would like to get back into would be teaching and modelling again too.

I am looking at updating all of my images in 2020 and setting up my own model website so that I can be employed direct and also advertise local Artistes direct too.

This will be along with my Facebook groups where local artistes can advertise and sell work.  They are also able to post employment opportunities too.

For more information please contact me and subscribe.

Sunday, 13 October 2019


When I say that I am updating myself, I mean my online self.

Ever since the internet and social media sites were invented, their seams to be more on line of ones self then one may whish.

By this happening it is easier for anyone to be come venerable and become a victim.

Many potential future contacts that you may whish to have with someone will mean that they are likely to google you first.

Sometimes this can be positive, but mostly it is a negative result and can back fire on you.

So protecting your self online is very import and knowing how to protect your online self is very import.

This is also not to protect yourself but your family to, epically your children.

If there are things on line that you no longer whish to be on line that are picked up by google you can contact them and request fro them to be removed including things like on address, and images.

However this many take some time and not work right away.

One thing that I always recomend people to do is goggle them self at lest every six months and make sure that you are happy with what you find.

One thing that I did not know was when I have set some of my images to private on model websites, facebook and YouTube that they can still be picked up by google and be viewed.

So it pays to check online settings before joining and posting anything online first.