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Tuesday, 20 October 2020

Volksbolts and KABFA Designs Face masks, Coverings, Redbubble

 Since January 2020 we have looked at using your art work to be sold on face masks and other posible face coverings.

This is something that a lot of companies have been do for a little over 6 months now including ourselves.

Now that the colder weather is starting to set in and Covid 19 is still at the forfrount of most health issues, manyu people are now looking at buying mace masked that can be reused.

Redbubble who we have used for a number of years now to market our Art work currently offer two diffrent face masked that can be reused; peoviding you follow Covid 19 guide lines facecovering.  

Redbubbles facemakes details and the designs that we have to offer can be fround by clicking on the link below.

For more informatiom please contact use.