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KABFA Designs Facebook Page
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Charity of the Month

Charity of the Month
The Royal British Legion Charity of the Month


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Charity of the month

 Charity of the month 

Every month I will post a diffrent charity at the top of my blog.

Usually every month will be linked to a charity, so I am looking at post, a charity each month that is linked to the up and coming month.

I will also keep the links in the footer of my blog, so that they can be viewed when every you feel like viewing them.

Most charities now also have eBay sights, and the option to donate to them via eBay.  

So I may post a link to the charities main website direct or to they eBay page. 

Any sales that I get via eBay I will donate 5% to a diffrent Charity each month.


For more information please contact me.

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