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Charity of the Month
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Charity of the month

Over the past years a lot of local charities in your home town have closed; those that are nation wide and world wide have also struggled.

What we found is a lot of them now do not just rely on foot fall, they also have their own online shops, use social media and companies like eBay and Amazon.

So when you have time to think about supporting the wider community where you live or even people national and oversea please consider to take the time to support a charity.

This could be done in a number of ways, thinks like donating unwanted items, making gifts they could sell, buying items, raising money, volunteering your time.

One thing that we do is try to research the charity to make sure they are register and to find out where the money they receive is used for. This information should be accessible or be able to be obtained upon request.

Thank you.

GovUK Information

Managing Charity Finances

How to complain about a Charity.

Other information 

How Charities work?

How are Charities Regulated

How Much Do Charities Actually Spend On Good Causes?


eBay Charity Shop Link(s),campaigns%20and%20make%20a%20contribution%20with%20every%20purchase.

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