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Tuesday, 21 January 2020

KABFA, KABFA Designs Learning Computer Added Design is a MUST for me in 2020. KABFA/DESIGNS.

Learning Computer Added Design is a MUST for me in 2020. KABFA/DESIGNS.

This now that it is 2020I am really trying to just “Bite the Bullet” and set up my own business.

So yesterday I went to the Printwear and Promotion Show at the NEC.

The moment that I arrived there it felt like home.

For year their have been a number of things that I have wanted to achieve and do with my life the main one to be self employed or freelances.
For this I even did business studies at school and set about want to become a works renowned travel journalist, who got to wrote about exotic destinations, undiscovered place, meet famous people and try something new year day of the week.
But then reality hot me and my dyslexia was to server so that I would be unable to achieve that dream.

The same with Marine and Freshwater Biology I just was never able to make the grade, pass the basic Key Skill Test requirements, 

I was way 3 mark off a Pass, Merit or a Distinction.

At times I even knew more about endangered animals than the staff, writing about an animal they had even heard of and writing in big letters.



This really hurt and instead of appealing I just quit.
Quitting for my became a habit for so long, I was a afraid.
Afraid to feel anything other than fear, the “Dreamer in Me” died.

For year now I have been lost, looking for that one thing that could possible save me and bring me home.
I still write but only for myself, I no long live my life but just exist.

For years I was advised to learn CAD Computer Added Design 

which was form thing that I learned a little of at school, but been 

then I was told that my business idea to design clothing for the 

disabled especially bags was waste of time.

Yet I have always loved my business names that I invented for my dream jobs.

KABFA/Designs being the main one.

So I am going to go back to KABFA.I am going to start again.

So that everyone by 2030 knows who KABFA are and what I do.

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