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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Up dated RebBubble

I have updated my RED BUBBLE account today and in the hope to promote my own personal art work some more and hopefully start selling a few things in the future.

Please feel free to view my art work and photos that I have taken and can be purchased though RED BUBBLE.

For more information please full free to contact me.

Monday, 13 February 2017

W . Germany Jewlery

I have been going though the items that I am going to be putting on ebay fro sale this month and have found some necklaces that my be gold or gold plated.

The only question is how do you find out what something is made of so that you can look at how much someone may pay fro it.

Out of the four necklaces that I have for sale two are branded.

The first says DICINI and the second is stamped W. GERMANY.

So I have taken the time to look into these Items and their possible origin.



I found this very difficult to find any thing out about. If some one could give me some information about this jewellery it would be helpful. What I do know is that the make/brand is classed as vintage.

(I have not put it on eBay yet it is still in storage.)


what I found out about this necklace is that because it is stamped W. GERMANY. This means made in West Germany. It was also probably made after World War 2. Which would have been after 2nd September 1945. This is due to in 1949 The Berlin Wall was built to split until 1989. The Berlin wall was finally pulled down on November the 9th 1989 to help reunify Germany.

It is gold in colour and is probable made from an inexpensive metal, like most products made during this time.

Glass may have been used for decoration and to help imitate precious stones, this was due to the struggling economy. Many items would have been made be women after the war and “costume jewelry” became significant with international trade, including the USA.

The necklace is also a Herringbone Chain. This is a chain that has the greatest liquid effect, formed from v-shaped links to lie entirely flat. One side can be engraved for greater aesthetics, and thin strands of herringbone can be twisted or even plaited together.

A Shepard's Hook Clasp/ S Hook Clasp with a twisted link chain and W. Germany stamped into a small pendent on the end of the necklaces.

For more information and to view my Ebay page please follow the link provided.

Moments in History - The Fall of the Berlin Wall

Moments in History - The Fall of the Berlin Wall