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Saturday, 29 February 2020

Gifts for Motherday. 10th May 2020

Gifts for Motherday. 10th May 2020 

If you are looking for a Mother day Gift for 2020 then why not look at buying something more personalized?

I would like to say that every thing that we sell is made in the UK 100% but this is not the case at the moment.

You can order any of your Canal Art work by clicking on the links below.  We now display Callan's art work too since 2020.

If you are based in the UK and near were we are moored we can arrange for our Art work to be printed locally and personally signed.

For more information please contact us direct.

Thursday, 27 February 2020

KABFA, KABFA Designs Redbubble New Products for 2020 for sale

Redbubble New Products for 2020 for sale please click on the link below for more information.

Over the next few weeks we will be expanding our product range of items that you can buy direct from Redbubble.

WE have been using them for over 5 years now and have designed a number of practical products though them.

Due to wanting to reduce our carbon foot print and to produce items that are more environmental friendly, we use Redbubble to that our custmers can buy the items direct from our manufacture or from use direct if they are looking at buying in bulk.

If you are local to our head office we can arrange for items to be collected in person and will use local business to produce our products for use practical in house.

WE use Redbubble as an online store to show what types for product best our designs.  Most of these are produced by using digital photography.  

So of them are though using mixed media such as photoshop and other are original works for art By Miss Katrina Louise Slomczynski that have been photographed or scanned before being uploaded into Redbubble by our team.

You can also buy any of the images that you see on Redbubble as fabric so that you can then use our images to create your own products.

For more information about this please contact use direct and check out our blog for more information and links.

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

KABFA, KABFA Designs 14th February 2020 Valentines Day

12th February 2020.

We are now only under two days away until 14th February when everyone will be buying any thing they can for their nearest and dearest to express their love for each other.

So why not this year looking at buying something a little different from the traditional Red Roses, Chocolates, Cards and romantic get away

Into days society the sky is the limit when it comes to being able to buy something, and with new day delivery when you buy online or click and collect then why not look at buying now.

So why not this year look at following the below steps be for going out and spending your well earned cash or charging to you credit card.

Also look at our additional sales changes for gift that can become more personalized and bespoke.

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

KABFA, KABFA Designs What Magazine?

What Magazine?

Over the next couple of months I will be selling off my Magazines that I have collected since I was 15 years old.

I have always tried to keep any thing that I have brought or looked at passing it on in some way.

I will also reread them one at a time and share any information that might be useful on my social media links.

So please keep an eye out for the magazines when I post them.

Once they are gone, they are gone!

Monday, 10 February 2020



I am currently going thought my old VHS TAPES that I have found and will be looking at putting them on line to sell and to convert into DVD for my own person use. Any information on them that may be useful like old News Stories or Advents I will look at posting on line.

At the moment I have come across a film Called Apt Pupil on VHS by the Cinima Club.

Origonaly it was a book by Stephen King - Apt Pupil
Apt Pupil Formats: DVD / VHS Released (US):October 23rd, 1998. High school student, Todd Bowden (played by Brad Renfro), is fascinated by Nazi Germany. He discovers that a former SS war criminal, Kurt Dussander (played by Ian McKellen) is secretly living in his home town. Todd confronts Dussander and in exchange for his silence, blackmails ...

Currently on eBay this VHS Tape is retailed at around £1.99 + Postage so at the moment I will keep it. I aim to do this with some of my belongings for my children so that they can use them as a “Nest Egg.” In the FUTURE.

At rhe moment a lot of items have lost their value due to everyone knowing how to buy and sell online and globally.

For this reason a lot of the profit it items is lost and prices of items have be turned into pennies and on longer pounds.

So why to have a look though you own items and see what is worth , keeping, selling, recycling, upcycling, donating to charity.