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Monday, 8 August 2022

Planning for the future or living for the now? Healthy Start information

   Planning for the future or living for the now?  Healthy Start information 

February 2021 Re posted with edits 08/08/2022

Over the next couple of weeks I am looking at different ways to shop for the food that I need for my family and loved ones. At the moment I still get help due to Covid 19 and my children being homed schooled due to being on benefits. I also still Claim Health Start vouchers.

Again I keep saying that this is wrong and that the government should allow very parent in the UK to claim Healthy start vouchers for their children up until the age of 4. After all these vouchers are for your child and to help support and promote healthy eating.

Down falls of Healthy Start Vouchers now that they are a card from 2022.

Not being able to be used on line and only in person.

Only a selected number of places will take these vouches.card from 2022.

You can also only use them on selected items still so do not cater for vegans or vegetarian milk options.

You can get the money from an ATM or pay in store using chip and pin.

Not every child is entitled to them.

For pregnant mother and children under 4 but not every women and child due to government guidelines.

All of the full detail of how to claim and what you can use them for are in the link below.

So what about those of use who are still shopping on line because of Covid 19 and using online shopping as a new way to still shop?

Over the past 5 years I have used shops that I know and trust. But last year I have to think outside that box because these could not deliver.

This year I am doing the same and looking at different places to but fresh organic food locally for my family.

Yes I get healthy start voucher what works out at about £30.00 per month off my major shop, but I will only get these for any other few months. So I am looking at were these I can shop and try and save money now.

If you look online you can find information and I have include the links below.

However I find that shopping your self is the best way to find what works for you.

Useful link(s)

Best veg boxes 2020: Get fresh produce delivered straight to your door | The Independent

18 Best Food Subscription Boxes | London Evening Standard | Evening Standard

Monday, 4 April 2022


Please click on the above link to be transported to WattPad.  Where my new book that I am working on for 2022 can be found.