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Thursday, 14 October 2021

Looking at working again

 At he moment my head is full of business ideas and the one sticking point is insurance.

Yes money too.

However it is insurance that i am struggling to get.

When Covid hit help was given, in time and now every thing is slowing down again, trying to reset up self employment is a nightmare.

One of the main things is having a sold businesses plan, one that will over all eventualities, a business address, insurance and savings.

Before covid I have been on a number of training course and brought up "foot and mouth.", "911" and the "recession."

I asked "how do you plan for these things, how do you still support your self?"

The course provider did did know and quoted "these are isolated incident that only effected certain areas of employment."

Yet Covid effected everyone.

Even now trying to move forward and to plan for the future appears to be, one day at a time, for some please one breath at a time too.

So I think of the story "The tortoise and hare" and think "slow and steady will win the race."